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Baptism, The Gospel and God's Plan of Salvation
Books By Alexander Campbell/Thomas Campbell
Christian Studies and Bible Studies...
Historical and Biographical Studies

Church of Christ Books and Studies


This part of our Library features Books by 
Members of the Church of Christ.

These books are from a variety of authors across the brotherhood.  Here you will find many "hard to find" books by many of the Greats from the Restoration Movement.  Some of our books will be more recent, including Books from various Church of Christ Lectureships.  We are a conservative congregation, and are making these books available to assist serious students of the Bible.  We advise you to compare what you read with the Bible.  If you find anything that is contrary to the Bible, please contact us.....

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Biblical Studies In The Word of God
Apologetics, Christian Evidences, God and Christ
Debates ~ Defending The Truth
Christian Living and Christian Fundamentals, Work of the Holy Spirit, etc.
Commentaries and  Bible Studies
Sermons and Sermon Outlines

      Old Testament Commentary and Studies



        New Testament Commentary and Studies

Fellowship, Denominationalism and Truth and Error (See Debates  Above)
Lectureships, Anthologies, Gospel Meetings...
Ethics, Morality and Spiritual Issues


        West Virginia Lectureship


        Other Church of Christ Lectures


         Minnesota Bible Lectures

         39th Street Church of Christ 
       Independence, Missouri          

         West Virginia School of Preaching



         West Virginia Christian Annual Lectureships
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OVER 450 Books on this page!

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